CBD : The Edible Experience (for 2)

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CBD : The Edible Experience (for 2)

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Lots of CBD goodies, and a fascinating talk! You’ll be sent a generous box of high quality and effective CBD products. Patches, capsules and even tasty fizzy drinks. Your host will talk you through them and their effects while you tuck in online. Learn about the history, benefits, and numerous uses of the most natural medical aid known to man. We’ll send you a bumper pack of CBD goodies, and talk you through them. Not suitable for the pregnant. CBD has been in use for nearly 12 thousand years, for hundred of different reasons. Since then it’s been illegal to not grow it, then illegal to possess it, now science says it can assist in many of the world’s medical ailments. Enjoy a bumper pack of edible CBD goodies, sent to your home. From fizzy drinks to patches. Join your host on a date of your choice to learn about the products, walk you through them. Talk to you about the rich history of CBD in the human civilisation. From early hemp growth, to recent advanced chemical isolation.