Public BucketRace - Scavenger Hunts with a Twist

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Public BucketRace - Scavenger Hunts with a Twist

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BucketRace Scavenger Hunts with a Twist: Perfect for anyone looking to explore London, meet new people and compete in a fun, social and unique environment.  Concept  BucketRace is a points based game. The team with the most points wins. Points are earned by completing tasks and challenges, which are broken into location and miscellaneous categories. You must choose only 1 location to explore – Shoreditch, Camden, Brixton or West London. The location tasks are worth less points per task, however you get a hefty bonus once 15 and 25 tasks have been completed. Miscellaneous tasks are broken into easy, medium and hard sections. The harder the tasks, the more points they’re worth. Miscellaneous tasks can be done anywhere and tend to be a little quirkier. We run seasonal races: Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Christmas. As well as a Summer League. All the prizes are tailored towards the event theme. What you need • Smart phone • Twitter Account • Comfortable shoes