Walking Tour - Ancient Madrid: the essentials of the city

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Walking Tour - Ancient Madrid: the essentials of the city

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Join us to know the Habsburgs Quarter, that emblematic area of the capital populated by tourists and natives, where the traditional is united with the current and the traces of monarchical dynasties, republics, dictatorships, democracies, rises, and attacks converge. Art, gardens, monuments, gastronomy, and history are perfectly mixed in those streets of a virtual medieval layout, making Madrid one of the most visited cities in the world and the inspiration of the most varied creators, who for centuries have paid tribute with their work. Walk with us through the most essential Madrid, where you will discover the true origins of the capital, it's past of fire and water, the same landscape that powerful kings, miraculous saints, and attractive bandits toured, the villa of palace intrigues, the squares of unjust executions and the corners of furtive romances, the place of the war and the one of the reconstruction… the Madrid of yesterday and the Madrid of today!