Private Tour to the Parisian Covered Passages

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Private Tour to the Parisian Covered Passages

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Discover in these covered passages the history and beauty of Paris with an expert who will guide you through those amazing remains from the early- XIXth century! The “so-parisian” first department stores that inspired lots of other cities in France and even abroad! Those covered passages are part of this new way of life ! With a clever concept of galleries, people are able to pass from one locality to the other, and to enjoy a pedestrian walkway full of shops, away from the bad weather and noisy cars! You will be introduced to the beautiful architecture that used to be the place-to-be in the XIXth century! Covering three different arrondissements ( districts) from first to ninth, your guide will show you a selection of six of them and tell you all about their history and amusing facts! Get carried away in this enchanted world of ingenious and convenient shopping that marked the century of the Industrial Revolution!