Catalonia Wine Tour

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Catalonia Wine Tour

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Wine and cava are a part of Catalan history. Each glass preserves a small piece of the past, which is why wine tourism in Catalonia is about much more than wine tasting. Catalonia is a land of contrasts, one being the agricultural landscape of Priorat where the elevated terrain in terraced llicorella soil requires the planting of small plots which gives the wine that unique taste. Another being the vineyards by the sea that are twisted by the winds of the Empordà DO where grapes are grown at 1,000 metres altitude on the Vi de Lleida route, and also the vineyards of Bages, which are protected by the bulk of Montserrat Mountains. On this tour, you'll discover the varied landscape and Catalan cultural heritage through more than 300 wineries that will open their doors to you. You'll cover two of the twelve wine designations of origin throughout Catalan including one cava Designation of Origin.